Made Up

Creating the Future Sephora, an evolution of the brand manifesting in a new beauty destination.




Located in a heritage building on Queen Street in Auckland’s city centre, this 3-level Sephora flagship was premiered in 2019.

The layout strategy of the Future Sephora store is defined by three factors: Wow, Wander, and Destination. This set-up is implemented throughout all of its locations and can be applied to a variety of different sites regardless of store shape or size. It leads the customer on a journey through a store, from the enticing, visual, bold entrance – the Wow – through a central pathway to the Wander space, which features trial stations and product browsing areas, and on to the cashier, backed by a dynamic feature wall, at the rear of the store – the Destination.

Project details

Designing a retail store in a heritage building is always a challenge. In the case of the Auckland, New Zealand location, this development marked the brand’s launch in the country, so making an impression was important for Sephora. But there was also the need to be sympathetic to the heritage of the building. Finding balance between these two factors was essential.

In the Sephora Auckland store, the façade is bold but respect has been paid to the building’s heritage. The shop front features Sephora’s recognisable black-and-white stripe, while the first and second levels of the façade use the same colour scheme to emphasize the heritage element as well as the branding. Together, this allows the building to stand out from neighbouring heritage buildings.

Auckland, New Zealand
1,190 sqm
12,800 sf