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Qianhai International Financial Center

Situated along a waterfront park, this trio of mixed-use skyscrapers sits prominently within its city’s growing business district. The renovation approach for the interiors and public spaces for two of the buildings play off their distinctive architecture and location to derive a sophisticated take on contemporary workplace design. In addition to refitting the two lobbies and developing a prototypical office floor, the detailed research and analyses of the district were carried out to relate solutions to the surrounding context. 

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Project details

The interiors accentuate the verticality of the lobby volume and the symmetrical skin of the tower by incorporating elements from the façade and massing. Subtly tapered steel columns highlight the soaring and symmetric spatial quality of the double-height lobbies. Six types of locally-sourced natural stone enrich the space and work with the soft lighting to lend a warm material touch. Most notably, black onyx works as the main feature, which is angled to form the wall facing the entrance. The deliberate patterning along the walls and ceilings create a rhythmic, harmonious atmosphere. 

The new workspace on level five takes advantage of the lower ceiling to explore an extended open plan. Co-locating a luxurious CEO office and bedroom quarters, a sales and negotiation zone and display and presentation areas, the layout ensures that visitors enjoy unobstructed sea views from any location, with perforated partitions to enhance openness and sightlines. This floor serves as a mockup, presenting an architectural model for forward-thinking commercial design. 

 Analyzing the current space utilization and circulation led to layout improvements—such as relocating the service core and pipe ducts—that make the buildings far more efficient. 

Shenzhen, China
Hengyue Group,Silverstein Properties
Tower 1
110,000 sqm
1,184,000 sf
Tower 2
39,800 sqm
428,404 sf
Interior Design

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