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Remodeled Waiting Area is a Retreat for Travelers in Australia

Qantas Domestic Business Lounge, Brisbane Airport

Inspired by the spirit and natural environments of Brisbane, the new 350-guest lounge provides travelers with a space to dine, catch up on work, rest and freshen up. As part of Qantas Airway’s series of upgrades at the airport, customers are greeted by various amenities, such as a curved concrete bar clad in timber paneling and marble, a rounded brass ready-to-order restaurant, and a steel and timber pop-up style coffee cart that sits in the center. A work-specific zone with multiple, reconfigurable seating arrangements allows travelers to telework with multiple power outlets, wi-fi, and wireless printing.

Project details

Covered in blue and red hues, the furniture alludes to the colors cast during twilight at Moreton Bay—one of the area’s most important coastal resources. Timber partitions are deliberately placed throughout the lounge to buffer sound and establish the roles of specific areas. The remodel and new layout allows for a 30 percent increase of guests from the previous set up. During layovers or a long day of travel, customers can also use the shower suites that provide skincare products.

Brisbane, Australia
Qantas Airways
1,270 square meters
March 2017