An overtly ‘human’ environment in symbiosis with the physical, cultural and technological results in a workplace solution of diversity and equity.

P&N Bank Head Office

As the largest bank owned and managed in Western Australia, Value in people was prioritised and not limited to front of house. This distributed model and human scale of space epitomized the concept of individuality as part of a collective to enable people to flourish.

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Project details

Diversity of space across a vertical campus became a key driver to motivate movement of teams and individuals throughout the entire environment. This was achieved through new inter-connecting stairs that doubled as auditorium style eating located in the beating heart.

The tonal shift in aesthetic from formal to casual and visual connectivity – with carefully orchestrated public glimpses without compromise to security. The project introduced sensory tools like scent and habitat soundscaping. Visual and audio connection to nature through water and planting enabled a more immersive
experience to support happy, healthy people, and enrich workplace performance.

Perth, Australia
P&N Bank
3,150 sqm
33,900 sf

Talk to Kirsti Simpson about Workplace Interiors

Inter-connecting stairs that doubled as auditorium style seating connecting the multiple floors.