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Penny Place is a 24 storey residential building conceived as part of new urban precinct in the centre of Adelaide.

Penny Place

As part of the master plan, the public realm is conceived as a sequence of connected spaces, providing a layered and unique ‘inner street block’ experience. Pedestrian access forms the central core of the site with Penny Square providing the destination. The main entry of the building, and resident amenity is orientated to support the square. Unlike the first stage of the master plan, penny place limits the amount of amenity provided within the building preferring to further activate the ground plane by creating shared facilities that support Penny Square. Vehicles are pushed to the perimeter of the precinct with access for the apartment residents from the street.

Project details

Penny Place Apartments forms the second phase of the proposed three staged masterplan. The design is intended to demonstrate commitment to the broader precinct and enable the development to be a significant benchmark in Adelaide. Penny Place provides a finer grain urban outcome to the neighbourhood and an opportunity for a smart, flexible and affordable city lifestyle.

Adelaide, Australia
25,000 sqm
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