Over/Under Kiosks

Curvy Concessions for New York’s Seaport District Add to its Expanding Pop Up Business

The pair of 150-square-foot kiosks served as both an installation and drink stalls for the recently completed Riverdeck in New York’s Seaport District during the Summer of 2018. Characterized by complementary curves that appeared to fit together like puzzle pieces, patrons enjoyed views of both the Brooklyn Bridge and East River.

During the design process, the project was initially conceived from a solid block that was split by a sinuous curve in order to achieve two volumes. One half, “Over,” provided shade while “Under” sloped downward to create a bench. Both were topped with by a green acrylic roof that filtered the light and alluded to the Heineken beer the kiosks served.

Standing at 10 feet tall, each piece was comprised of 800 aluminum cylinders covered in a powder-coat finish. The individual parts were bolted together to create the exterior shell that could stand on its own with an internal frame. The top was covered in an acrylic, green awning. From inside, the effect was a bespoke lighting installation varying in multiple hues, shapes, and depths resulting from the angled curvature cut into the tubes’ ends.



Howards Hughes Corporation


New York, New York


150 square feet each



Completion Date


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