Multiplex Perth

Office Design Bringing People Together.

Bringing people together, supporting interaction and increasing efficiency in a team-based environment, were key drivers in the fit-out of Multiplex’s new Perth HQ. The space has been designed to reflect Multiplex’s culture and brand; one that is polished and professional but also down to earth and appreciative of good design and craftsmanship The central hub is the heart of the fit-out and houses the reception, waiting lounge, kitchen and cafe. 

Introducing an iconic and distinct feature to the space, a 10-metre long cantilevered concrete counter functions as a concierge desk at one end and a kitchen hub on the other.

 A highly active zone, visitors are welcomed to the concierge-style space with the digital display wall showcasing past and current operations of Multiplex sites around the world. Twelve video screens display live camera feeds from Multiplex construction sites across the city, allowing staff to check in on progress remotely. Incorporating technology was imperative, with the new environment encouraging flexibility, diversity and adaptability geared at supporting the organisation’s future.

Maximising open office space, the design has increased transparency by removing cellular-style office pods. Open plan work points are interspersed with meeting zones and quiet individual working spaces. The ceiling has been pared back, deliberately exposing the building core and services to express the integrity of the base building structure. 

A connection to nature was important to Multiplex, with eco-friendly materials and living elements such as plants integrated into the fit-out. Polished concrete floors are paired with loose floor rugs providing softer finishes and aiding in acoustic attenuation. 



Multiplex Australasia


Perth, Australia


1,100 sq m



Completion Date


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