Garden Gateway

Where “terrain meets urban” Mill Green will be a precinct that delivers green serenity to Perth’s west end – rejuvenating the area with an intimate civic experience for all.

Mill Green

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Mill Green is a precinct that will revitalise its corner address at St Georges Terrace, Perth by restoring and regenerating green connections and the local environment – recasting its buildings as beautiful structures emerging from a green oasis. 

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Project details

Generous, active and accessible, the scheme for Mill Green prioritises inclusive, legible and strong connections through the precinct as a workplace campus of the future. In order to enhance the social wellbeing of its inhabitants, the proposal is hinged on the concept of regenerating the area as an oasis of urban gardens – nurturing city life and the public experience with the inclusion of Summer and Winter gardens. The design references the flow of a natural spring that once ran beneath the site surrounds as the source for growth and renewal.

Inspired by the Swan Riverbank’s meandering curves, the scheme for the new commercial tower makes a magnificent contribution to Perth’s skyline. The building’s soft curves contrast with the harsh rigidity of neighboring buildings, creating a welcoming presence at the ground plane as well as a counterpoint to other, harder forms in the city skyline.

Inside the tower, the functionality of the floor plate and side core placement maximises the river and park views to the south and protects against solar exposure to the north, providing tenants with large, flexible, and continuous workspace zones.

Perth, Australia
GDI Property Group
8000 sqm
Development Application approved

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