The Orange Pill

Retail strategy delivers new concepts and entertainment experiences to appeal to younger generation of shoppers and address future of retail.

Greenland 606 Centre



Woods Bagot’s vision for Greenland Centre was to develop a creative social retail hub. The distinctive interior design and strategy seeks to deliver new retail concepts alongside entertainment and experiences that go beyond shopping, appeal to the young generation of shoppers and address the future of retail.

Project details

The eight levels of the centre are split into a dual mood design, with Basement 1 to Level 3 acting as an urban stage or platform. Level 4 represents the imagined Isle of Laputa, and marks the start of another world within the mall – a place to discover new experiences and indulge curiosity. From Levels 4 through 7, the retail concept focuses on lifestyle experiences and passion clusters – spaces where visitors can go to indulge in their interests and hobbies, and meet others with similar passions, thereby connecting and creating communities. Sports and style feature on Level 5 where visitors can use the rock climbing wall and indoor basketball court, while on Level 6, aside from a cinema, there is a craft area for art and DIY. Level 7 is home to Yama, a magical forest-themed place to play, eat and drink, filled with natural light and a wealth of greenery. Here there are a number of fine dining restaurants, some of which overlook the basketball court.

Wuhan, China