Vertical Program

An eclectic and attractive offering to the Parramatta City residential market defined by quality of built form and lifestyle.

8 Phillip Street

Mixed UseIn Progress


Situated in the cultural and social heart of Parramatta, 8 Phillip Street signals the future of Western Sydney, both as the starting point for a new precinct and a compelling destination for local residents and visitors alike.

Project details

A mixed use tower with a unique reverse-step podium, 8 Phillip dramatically extends the ground floor public domain while architecturally framing the existing heritage buildings. The design celebrates and honours the rich fabric of the existing St Andrew’s Church hall heritage elements.

A respectful, adaptive reuse response at an urban scale, the building form emanates upward from the existing church spire, hovering over the pedestrian laneways below.

Crowning the building is an iridescent silhouette that will serve to illuminate the building and define 8 Phillip as a landmark destination on Parramatta’s night skyline.

Evolving from street to sky, transformative architecture embraces the context of its surrounds delivering a world-class precinct that extends vertically, layering local heritage, amenity, hospitality and residences to become an unrivalled destination.

Parramatta, Australia
38,870 sqm
418,430 sf
Expected Completion