Graduates excel in the Sydney Studio

At Woods Bagot, we believe in ‘People Architecture’ – the celebration of diversity across cultures, propelled by a shared sense of empathy where the values of end users and the values of design are one and the same.

That’s why we look for innovative and creative graduates who want to meaningfully contribute and actively engage in what has been described by our CEO, Nik Karalis, as ‘a 150-year old start up business reliant on inclusivity, diverse perspectives and incredible thinkers’.

The annual graduate program, which commenced in February 2023, offered 13 graduate positions in both Architecture and Interior Design disciplines in our Australian and New Zealand studios.

The Graduate program is a six-part series that covers the stories across the Global Studio. Stay tuned for more!

Sydney Graduates in the studio materials library.

Hannah Blinco, Aaron Lee and Jade Grayson in the studios material library. Photography: Merena Nguyen.

Introducing the Sydney graduates who have become part of our studio, we are thrilled to share their unique stories and valuable experiences since joining us.

Let’s delve into a glimpse of their backgrounds: Hannah Blinco, a University of Technology Sydney alumni from the Interior Architectural Design program, has become an integral part of our hospitality team.

Jade Grayson graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Sydney (USYD). Currently collaborating on boutique multi-residential developments, Jade brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the forefront.

Also a fellow Master of Architecture graduate from USYD, Aaron Lee, has been passionately involved in designing a large-scale workplace architecture tower.

For those considering a similar path and aspiring to join a global studio, we invite you to hear from our graduates and see what they got up to!

Hannah Blinco, Aaron Lee and Jade Grayson.

What do you enjoy most about the Graduate program at Woods Bagot so far?

Hannah: The people. I feel as if I’ve been given some of the greatest resources I could imagine just a few feet away from my desk, being surrounded by talented and open individuals has been conducive as a graduate learning about practice.

Jade: I’ve enjoyed the graduate program’s diverse experiences, opportunities, and rich learning environment. The solid training, focus on workplace culture, and interactions with fellow graduates really fosters personal and professional growth. Participating in collaborative design meetings and the energetic workplace atmosphere motivate me to do my best and develop my skillset.

Aaron: I find myself constantly asking questions, sharing my curiosity and gaining a new skill even if it’s a 20 minute “crash course”. It’s refreshing to be in an environment where you can observe different methods or styles and have the freedom to just ask “What is that? How did you do that?”

How has it been working with your project leader and team?

Hannah: Learning from the interior design team [project led by Principal Tracey Wiles] has been so rewarding. The overall team has shown consistent patience and positive reinforcement throughout the program.

Jade: Working with the team and Jet Geaghan, has been a positive experience, marked by a supportive learning environment and smooth transition into the larger office. My mentors have been patient and understanding, and the broader team consistently demonstrate an admirable sense of composure under high-pressure situations. At times, there is so much information to digest, and it has been great to have someone who is willing to take the time to train and mentor me while I adapt.

Aaron: While things can be fast-paced at times, it is also a great way to just jump in, learn and do what is needed. Working with project leaders [Design leader and Director Domenic Alvaro, Associate Principal John Norman and Design leader Glenn O’Loughlin] who have had years and years of experience has meant I’ve been able to learn so much within a short amount of time.

What has working on your project taught you?

Hannah: The hotel project I’m currently on has been fairly fast paced and quite often open to change, so I’d have to say foresight of trends and consistent communication in the design process is imperative to collectively produce quality work.

Jade: Early training on programs enabled me to develop essential skills while actively working on a project. I am really enjoying the systematic and consistent approach to drawing and documenting, whilst learning programs that facilitate collaboration with large teams. We are encouraged to ask questions and seek advice from people around us, which fosters a collective learning environment. This approach also allows us to use time more efficiently. Everyone in the team and broader Woods Bagot studio has comprehensive knowledge of various programs, and if something is taking a long time, there is probably someone around who knows a faster way to do it. This collaborative and efficient work environment has significantly enriched my overall experience.

Aaron: Personally, the main takeaway I’ve learnt is to try to optimise a workflow that is adaptable to different scenarios or changes.

Inspiration. Innovation. Inclusiveness.

We are Woods Bagot.

At Woods Bagot, we are committed to creating an environment where difference is celebrated, valued and respected, practices are equitable, and our people feel like they belong. We accept that none of us is smarter than all of us. We believe building a diverse workforce is the foundation to creativity and innovative design – it is only by working together that we can realise the potential of our people, clients and communities around us. Through our inclusive leadership and our truly global studio network of strategists, experience designers and scientists, you will find your voice and have the support and flexibility required to bring your whole self to work and build an exceptional career.

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