Complexity is the new normal. People Architecture is supported by all disciplines, and made possible by innovative professionals across the world.

Experience Consulting

Welcome to the Experience Era

ERA-co is an experience consultancy with capabilities spanning the disciplines of Urban Systems and Planning, User Strategy and Brand Experience.

We sit in the rare space between creativity and consulting and believe transformative placemaking has the power to advance humanity.

Our global collective of data scientists, strategists and experience designers partner with clients to transform the future of cities, neighborhoods, and business to positively impact the lives of people and the places they inhabit.

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Data Analytics

Evidence-based Tools

We are continuously developing new cutting-edge methods to design and test ideas against real-world parameters that link our work to the future needs of our clients and communities.

ERA-R+D provides tools and services that focus on the quantification of user experience in space and adding scientific rigour to our design process.

We focus on delivering exceptional value to the business and our clients through the following Return on Investment (ROI) initiatives:

– New and Innovative Models: Creating new services and Unique Selling Points (USPs), novel design approaches, insights and thought leadership.
– Improved Design Rigour: Providing evidence-based design processes for our Sectors, increase depth of user and spatial knowledge, benchmarking and guidelines.
– Efficiency: Automating concise design processes to increase speed.

Global Impact

Impact Strategies for building a sustainable future


We take every opportunity to lead the way for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our outlook helps partner with ambitious clients who want to build a positive future for our local and global communities.



Environmental Performance covers the topics and techniques of running analyses and simulations using environmental data to inform and drive the design of our projects. While using parametric digital tools in our design process, we create more responsive and sustainable projects.


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