Perth Studio Announces New 1.8-hectare master plan for the Western Australian capital

Dubbed Applecross Central, the slated project will be comprised of several towers and low-scale buildings of varying heights while providing views to both of the nearby Swan and Canning Rivers. Drawing inspiration from the area’s history of horse racing and coastal lifestyle, the project aims to expand on its metropolitan legacy by providing a multifaceted environment that can support a diverse range of people.

The site the project will be built in is a triangular shape, and therefore requires a specific type of planning in how it incorporates commercial amenities while respecting nearby low-scale neighborhoods. The planning is divvied up into six parts: The Highlands, The Hotel, The Bridge, The Anchorage, The Landing, and The Gardens. The first four parts characterize two towers and two low-scale buildings, respectively. The latter two refer to the podium area of The Hotel and landscape gardens linking the aforementioned podium to The Anchorage. Its spaces will include a library, childcare facilities, multipurpose spaces, supermarkets, fashion boutiques, food and beverage restaurants, convenience stores, and boutiques.


With a focus on accessibility, the project will offer many options and routes for transportation. Within the site, residents and visitors alike can use pedestrian walkways-some of which will be protected with awnings-that will be both on the street level and elevated, as well as bicycle paths. The Canning Bridge transport hub, which is a major bus station for multiple services, is also a nearby option for commuters. A parking garage will be built in the basement of the retail precinct.


Applecross Central is open for expressions of interest sale until May 17, 2018.