Woods Bagot wins Balvenie Bar Design Competition

Woods Bagot has won a national competition to design a pop-up bar for
Scottish whisky company, The Balvenie. Taking into account the company’s ethos
and practice, the crafted whisky bar will be constructed and brought to life for the 2017 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Gala in November.

“More than just a bar, it should be an expression of the craft of whisky
making and be an art piece in itself.”

Key to Woods Bagot’s design concept were five elements that embody The Balvenie
brand: identity, experience, functionality, mobility and showcase.

The form of the bar was inspired by the Scottish whisky drinking bowl, or Quaich, a symbol of friendship and used to toast with on special occasions. Traditionally, the bowl has a handle on either side. Re-imagining this element, the design offers a luxurious and modern take on an historic Scottish ritual.

Woods Bagot Associate Tenille Teakle said fundamental to the design approach was celebrating the craft of whisky making.

“The form and materials are simple and sophisticated. The smoky oak finish of the encasing, along with a single inset back-lit whisky bottle, ensures The Balvenie whisky is always the centre of attention.”

The design creates a sense of grandeur and elevates the experience of tasting.
The Quaich provides for theatrical elements such as dry ice and feature
back-lighting. Smoke emerges from under the bottle display, reminiscent of the
traditional toasting of the barrels – one of the five rare crafts that
alchemise to form the perfect single malt blend.

Copper joints make the Quaich an easily assembled and disassembled unit
for public and private events. The curved, stacked storage components can be
further broken down into two parts for ease of movement.

The Perth studio team behind the design included Eva Sue, Khang Do, Kristen DiGregorio, Melanie Porrins, Stirling Fletcher and Tenille Teakle.

For more details, visit the Australian Design Review website.