28 Apr 23

Four Woods Bagot projects shortlisted in the ninth CREDAWARD program

Woods Bagot is proud to announce that four of its projects have been shortlisted for the prestigious China Real Estate Design Award (CREDAWARD).

The annual program, initiated by DJSER in 2014, attracts world-renowned design firms and developers from 17 countries and regions to showcase their projects. This year, 853 projects have been submitted for evaluation, with 60 making the shortlist.

The CREDAWARD evaluates projects based on architectural aesthetics, environmental protection, user experience, and economic benefits. Woods Bagot’s shortlisted projects have demonstrated excellence in these areas.

Congratulations to all the teams involved! Winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will be announced in July, and we are looking forward to see the outcome. The studios shortlisted projects include mixed-use developments, interior design, and commercial buildings, highlighting the diversity of the projects.

See below for the shortlist and categories:

  • Taizhou Tengda Centre – Comprehensive Commercial Project
  • Hazens Ark Centre – Demonstration Area
  • Nanjing MixC – Interior Design
  • Qinchuangyuan Innovation ECO City – Planning Design
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