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Always of its place and in service of community, the role of Public Architecture is to unite citizens and community as we collectively participate in the rituals of humanity.

“As global digital  communities seek physical spaces to unite local interest groups, the need for venues that offer a range of event spaces is increasing. The age of the divisible warehouse is ending.”

Bruno Mendes
Bruno Mendes

Director, Global Sector Leader – Civic & Events

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Sensitivity To Place And Scale

Convention Centres need to evolve beyond the traditional ‘big box’ typology.
Instead smaller and intimate typologies needs to be adopted to embrace the cities and communities they are placed in.

Convention Centres also need to broaden their programmatic requirements from single use (ie Conventions) to mixed use precincts.

This resolves the issue of un-activated precincts due to event downturns and ensures that local communities bring the necessary activation 24/7

Bauhaus Museum Design Concept

Trending Events

As conferences move from lecture style to dynamic interactions, the next generation delegates grasp their educational experience – technology & social media and the Internet of things.

Conference organisers who are focused on sustainability, operational costs and waste are more crucial than ever. Having to look beyond traditional revenue streams to ensure cash flow and financial stability & maximizing revenue streams.

Multi use spaces allow venue’s ultimate flexibility


of total operating hours can be naturally lit with the right incorporation of daylight.

Bendigo Chinese Museum Concept

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