Cities & Places

From Strategy to Placemaking: Partnering with governments, policy makers and visionary developers to reshape cities that focus on people.

“Our cities will be re-tuned to be pedestrian-oriented as communities and movement are revolutionized.”

Paolo Testolini
Paolo Testolini

Principal, Global Sector Leader – Cities and Places


Diversity of experts, one common goal.

Our team is comprised of experienced architects and urban designers, supported by data scientists and coders who develop advanced design methodologies at the nexus between spatial cognition, behavioral analysis, big data, and machine learning. Our approach seeks to model and understand the experiential qualities of places through quantifiable and evidence-based methodologies. Through this process, neighborhoods and sites for master planning developments are assessed (within their contextual neighborhoods) for spatial performances that help uncover opportunities and constraints for development. These foundational assessments establish a set of base conditions against which the Cities and Places team can develop design scenarios to be compared to exemplar benchmarks.


A data-driven urban platform

Evidence-based design and human centric approach will be crucial to mitigate the long-term effects of climate change and health crisis of the future.


By the year 2050, it is forecasted that there will be 2.5 billion more people living in our cities. This means that 68% of the world’s population will be living in urbanized areas. As a result of this estimated growth, cities will be crucial in mitigating energy and food supply. Current conditions represents a unique opportunity to reset cities without leaving people behind

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