Double Duty

Waterfront Condominium Development in New Jersey Merges American Modernism and Grit

Park and Shore

Located along the Hudson River waterfront, the site is comprised of two distinct buildings—75 Park Lane and Shore House—which stand at 37 and seven stories, respectively. The taller of the two holds 358 residences, and displays a sleek, American modernism-inspired aesthetic. Beginning with a low-rise base that extends to the street, the tower portion is set back to respect the surrounding residential scale. Its façade is made up of a series of interlocking two-story frames with floor-to-ceiling glass. The shorter, Shore House, takes on a grittier look, recalling the neighborhood’s industrial past. The building includes staggered, single-story frames on the exterior and contains 71 units.

Project details

The two buildings are unified by common materials such as naturally colored metal and terracotta frames. As a whole, it is designed as a collection of hospitality experiences, with amenities such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, library, wine-tasting room, private dining room, putting green and a health and wellness precinct.

More than half of the units were sold in less than six months, well before the structure was completed.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Strategic Capital
75 Park: 500,00 gross square feet; Shore House: 108,000 gross square feet
75 Park: August 2019; Shore House: October 2018