Napa Civic Center

Design for New Civic Center Creates a Sense of Place for California Wine Country

The design for the City of Napa's new civic center is still in process. Currently, the project includes two parts: the public space that includes a new Civic Center building and the private development that includes a new hotel and residential units.  

The vision of the project is to promote the role of the downtown area as the primary place where both civic buildings are concentrated and people come together to enjoy public art and culture, open spaces, and public facilities. The team put a great emphasis on high-quality design and developing unique structures that complement their surroundings, orienting buildings and entrances to streets and public gathering places. 

Overall, the goal is to create exciting, attractive and interesting new gateways to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.



City of Napa


Napa, California


13,000 sq m/140,000 sq f


Design Process

Completion Date


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