The Main Event

As the intersection point for all emerging innovation the building is the single largest venue on the expo site and is the entry gateway for Expo 2020

Dubai Exhibition Centre

 The DEC, the largest venue at Expo 2020 Dubai, provides a world-class exhibition building that exemplifies operational excellence and an architectural design that embodies the cultural identity of Dubai. As one of several permanent structures built for Expo 2020, the DEC will continue to provide a world-class exposition venue for Dubai and its region for many decades to come. 

Project details

The building has been designed to fulfil two unique roles; a key component of the Expo Event and a catalyst for the Legacy of the District 2020 master plan. An essential factor has been the connection of the functional purpose of the DEC as a meeting place with the culture and identity of Dubai and the region. The design supports Dubai’s reputation for being an open and welcoming destination with first-time visitors’ experience starting in an authentic way.

Dubai, UAE
Dubai World Trade Centre
180,000 sqm
1.9m sf
  • Shortlist, 2018, Cityscape Global Awards,Community and Culture (Future)

“The Dubai Exhibition Centre is the largest building on site and is as operationally complex as the entire show itself.”

Richard Fenne

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