Christchurch Convention Centre

Locally-Inspired Civic Building a Catalyst for Earthquake Recovery Plan.

The Christchurch Convention Centre Precinct is a unique symbol for the city and its people and must reflect the identity of its place. It is also one of the few anchor projects as part of the Christchurch Blueprint that will be utilised on a daily basis by both Christchurch citizens and visitors and therefore must be meaningful to both audiences.

Capable of hosting up to 2,000 delegates for a variety of national and international events, the Christchurch Convention Centre includes a 1,400-delegate auditorium, a 3,600 sqm exhibition hall and 1,600 sqm of meeting rooms overlooking Victoria Square. 

Designed to reflect the fluid curves of Canterbury’s braided rivers, the main entrance to the centre opens to Oxford Terrace and the Avon River, giving visitors easy access to Te Papa Otakaro /Avon River Precinct and creating a space for civic events.  

By providing an undulating plan and section, the project provides comfortable human scaled ‘microclimates’ to maximise dwell time.  The concept of braided rivers was a key driver for the façade of the building. Fluid and organic in nature, they wrap their way around the building defining entryways and revealing framed views of the surrounding context.

Woods Bagot and Warren and Mahoney have worked on the design with Matapopore Charitable Trust. 



Otakaro Limited


Christchurch, New Zealand


17,000 sqm


Construction documentation

Completion Date

December, 2019


Andrew Pietersz, Andy Gentry, Brian Renehan, Bruno Mendes, Daniel Morelli, David Ley, Eric Buhrs, Harry Charalambous, Jordon Saunders, Kenneth Chou, Michael Andrew, Natalie Aganoff, Richard Galloway, Vien Nguyen, Virgil Lay, Yeung Chen.

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