24 Nov 23

Reengagement with Pearl Delta River Market Clientele

In early November, Woods Bagot Hong Kong Studio Principal Jango Wong and Associate Principal Winnie Kwok embarked on a significant journey, visiting key project sites in Hangzhou and Shanghai, and meeting with potential clients.

First stop in Hangzhou at one of our grandest projects in China, SHKP Hangzhou IFC. This mega joint-venture development, located in the core waterfront area of Qianjiang New City CBD, consists of two neighboring riverside sites: River East and River West. Woods Bagot serves as the architectural designer for the River West development of Plot 29 and Plot 31, which includes two mixed-use towers and retail program across two land plots.

The core and shell of two towers have already reached the 22nd floor, while the new metro station ‘Jianghehui Station’ is fully operational, the retail plot construction site also has been built to the ground level.

Impressed by the construction progress and the project’s evolution, the team is keenly looking forward to observing more advancements on their next trip to Hangzhou.

The journey continued in Shanghai, they engaged with our global client, a leading global home furnishing and lifestyle retailer, on an ambitious mixed-use project in Shanghai. As the interior designer, the Hong Kong team’s scope includes a 200,000 m2 Shopping Centre, while the Shanghai team designed 60,000 m2 of Grade A Office towers. Together, they conducted a walk to the under-construction Shopping Centre area and parts of the office towers.  

Site visits play a pivotal role in the design process, offering firsthand observation, data collection, and contextual understanding. The team meticulously inspected the mock-up, refining details directly on site with the client team. The anticipation builds as we eagerly await the project’s grand opening in 2024. Stay tuned.

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Shirley Hao
Content and Communications Leader (China)

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