09 Nov 18

President of Republic of Indonesia inaugurates Telkom Landmark Tower

Telkom’s campus is comprised of three parts: Graha Merah Putih, Telkomsel Smart Office, and Telkom Landmark Tower. The latter of the three was designed by Director and Principal Patrick Daly, Principal Maulana Murdan, and Associate Principal Patricia Tjandrawinata.

In his speech, the President emphasized the use of digital technology in Indonesia to keep up with the demands that come with globalization and added that the Telkom Landmark Tower will support this endeavor. Its ultimate goal is to be a digital hub for both the region and the world. The six main functions the campus supports are the Development of Digital Innovation Culture, Infrastructure Management, and Smart Services, Digital Entrepreneur Development Center, Social and Technology Education Center, Digital Customer Service Center, and Smart Mosque.

“The existence of the Telkom Hub is expected to encourage TelkomGroup employees in developing their capabilities in a digital work culture while inspiring them to be innovative in Indonesia’s digital development,” Alex J. Sinaga, Telkom’s Managing Director, said at the inauguration.

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