04 Oct 22

Major project win: Haikou Jiangdong Tiandi Mixed Use

Haikou Jiangdong render

Woods Bagot is happy to announce that our Hong Kong and Shenzhen studio has teamed up and won the international competition for the Haikou Jiangdong Tiandi mixed use project.

The new win marks another significant step for Woods Bagot’s design footprint in the island province of Hainan, at the southernmost point of China, following the success of Haikou Agile Mixed Use and Sanya JoyCity. 

In collaboration with a team of experts from CBRE and CAPOL International & Associates Group, the proposal creatively envisioned a leading future city to drive the growth of Hainan Free Trade Port through the gateway of Jiangdong New District. The project integrates coastal culture, entertainment, commerce, creative office, and a three-dimensional hub in one, benchmarking the world-class mixed use development and shaping the building itself into an iconic “IP”.

“Woods Bagot was able to clearly define the public space along the central axis, connecting TOD and the coastal area. Central space is created by a sunken plaza and cloisters which responds to the climate of Hainan and creates a sense of place. Well-designed public space enhances the value of the place than the architecture itself.”

– Juror Yichun Li from Atelier Deshaus
Haikou Jiangdong render

Duty-free destination – Featured with duty-free shops, exhibitions, press conferences and more, this space will be full of future opportunities for the tax-free commercial development thanks to the free trade port policy.

Haikou Jiangdong render

Entertainment destination – A place where people can unlock “virtual + reality” leisure activities.

Haikou Jiangdong render

Natural destination – Using outdoor greenery to promote biodiversity in the city.

Haikou Jiangdong render

Technology destination – Targeting to be the Hainan IP for science & technology with unmanned “tax-refund + check-in” demonstration center.

Haikou Jiangdong render

Gastronomic destination – Offering a unique collection of tropical food and a sea-view restaurant.

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