12 Aug 22

Vision for a world-class coastal city: Haikou Yangpu

In a recent urban design competition for Yangpu International Business Avenue, Woods Bagot, in collaboration with UPDIS, has envisioned a world-class coastal city – Yangpu – and is set to become a national free-trade innovation hub on the Maritime Silk Road.

Located in Danzhou, the Yangpu Economic Development Zone lies on the northwestern coast of the Hainan island, closely connected to Singapore, Hong Kong, Osaka and Guangzhou through Yangpu port. The zone also has a unique cultural gene, a thousand-year-old Dan’er ancient county, and a poetic and leisurely island style.

The vision explores four creative designs:

  • “Blue-green finger” aims to build a mangrove breeze city with sea city symbiosis under the concept of resilient coast and based on the analysis of climate adaptability.
  • “Three-dimensional sea city” carries out a three-dimensional waterfront experience using vertical space design.
  • “Hyperlinks” transformed the relatively closed unit self-organization mode into a shared corridor organization mode linking regions and meeting the future needs of business leaders.
  • “Future life” focuses on creating a future life sample with a sense of technology wisdom and humanistic romance.

Inspiration is taken from the naturally intertwined volcanic rocks, clusters of mangroves, egrets, scattered beaches, and salt ponds, transforming three core areas of the site. A super central axis links the city and the sea with a featured efficient, fully-linked, multi-functional super cloud gallery and a waterfront metropolitan heart featuring three-dimensional interaction and multiple extreme pro-sea experiences.

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