15 Dec 20

Competition win for Aoyuan Mixed Use in Yangzhou alongside the Grand – Canal

Woods Bagot has recently won a major competition: the masterplan and architecture design for Aoyuan Mixed Use in Yangzhou alongside the Grand Canal. Covering a site area of 15.9 hectare and a GFA of 400,000 sqm, this new complex is intended to create a brand-new riverside landmark for the city and help reinforce Aoyuan Group’s continuous strategic developments since 2016 in Yangzhou and the Yangtze River Delta.

Located in the Grand Canal area, the future center of Yangzhou, the masterplan strategy of Aoyuan Mixed Use development is to maximize the waterfront landscape with a comprise of hotel, office, retail residential and other amenities all settled within reach of the Grand Canal. Towers are set at both ends of the waterfront to offer superior views and the commercial street connects the indoor and outdoor retail nodes to activate the site and residential buildings located southeast corner of the site are easily connected to the retail nodes. The design team will also coordinate with traffic consultants to ensure project accessibility.

The project not only carries out functional demands but also retains the unique “genes” of the city – Yangzhou. Abstracted from the Thousands Sails Competition, the design concept is the result of a close observation of Yangzhou’s history and culture.

A 200-meter-tall tower is the most eye-catching component of the development. Various built-in functions including a retail podium at the lower levels, middle-level offices and a prestige hotel on the upper levels all transform the tower’s silhouette. Together with other residential towers under one unified concept, all buildings form an iconic skyline along the canal.

The design of the retail component also represents the cultural heritage of Yangzhou. The 3-4 level high retail center Ten Miles of Spring Breeze is named from a poem of the Song Dynasty and includes an entry and a central plaza. With F&B bars and restaurants set by the waterfront, Baige Bay retail street provides a unique dining experience and connects the whole site together. A sky curtain has also been installed, complete with a sophisticated lighting design that activates the 24-hour waterfront.

“Woods Bagot’s intention is to show the world Yangzhou’s unique urban context and cultural heritage, and to bring cultural and commercial vitality to this impressive canal city,” said Zhiguo Chen, Woods Bagot Associate Principal and project design leader, “It’s our honor to work with Aoyuan Group, and we would like to give special thanks to the client’s team including Dongming Lou, Weifeng Yu, Hongzhe Nan, Lu Li, Wei Yu and more. Through the close collaboration, Woods Bagot is able to deeply understand Aoyuan’s vision – ‘Build a Healthy Lifestyle’ and win the special praise from the government and other design experts.”

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