03 Aug 22

Characteristics of a Landmark: an ultimate documentary of SFC Beijing

One year in the making, under the uncertainty of a changing global pandemic and filmed across San Francisco and Beijing, we are proud to share this 30 minute long documentary of Sunshine Financial Center Beijing by www.itso.tv

This biaxially symmetrical tower’s tapered, minimalist form adds grace to Beijing’s skyline and respects its sought-after neighbourhood. Watch the documentary right here.

“Knowing your context is an important part of developing buildings like this, you don’t want it to be subservient to other buildings in the context. The adjacent CCTV Tower is a very exuberant form. In this case, subtle moves that had a certain kind of eased edges and softness to it, I think will ultimately create an emblematic quality to our building and stands out against some of the more angular buildings around.”

Director Patrick Daly

“Originally, we wanted to create a mirror relationship between the podium and the tower, with the tower being indicative as the other buildings on the East Third Ring Road to maximize the display and the views to its best. But considering the overall urban planning of the city, we optimizes the design with a 45% rotation to provide views of City Gardens and sightlines through the void of the CCTV tower.”

Principal Tao Wu

“Following the international competition winning back in 2009, we’re proud to see this amazing piece of architecture raised in Beijing CBD now, as an engine to drive Beijing’s financial advancement. ”

Director Jean Weng

The documentary team also visited Woods Bagot Beijing Studio, immersing themselves into a seamlessly connected, engaging and agile workplace and embracing the philosophy of People Architecture and empathetic design with the company.

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