13 Sep 23

WAVE installation takes center stage at Shanghai Xintiandi  

The captivating WAVE art installation, originally designed by Woods Bagot China GIG team, is taking its artistic journey to Shanghai Xintiandi Styling Shopping Center II.  

Following its successful debut at the 10×10 Sustainable Solutions Exhibition, WAVE has been reimagined and integrated with fashion design as part of the “2gether for Climate” exhibition. This unique fusion aims to raise awareness about climate change and the pressing issue of rising sea levels through immersive art experiences. 

The installation offers a thought-provoking and engaging platform for visitors to delve into the effects of climate change while enjoying a visually stunning display. The fusion of art and fashion design creates an exceptional opportunity for individuals of all ages to connect with the impact of climate change through the power of art.  

The exhibition is now open till 24 September. Don’t miss the chance to stop by.  


WAVE installation revealed at 10×10 Sustainable Solutions Exhibition

As part of Woods Bagot’s first Climate Month initiative, Woods Bagot opened a ‘WAVE’ art installation at the center of Shanghai Pudong Library to showcase our commitment for a more sustainable future.

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