8th March 2021

​​The celebration of International Women’s Day is a reminder to all of us the importance of gender diversity in both life and the design process. There is no doubt that both performance and creativity improve with diverse thinking and partnering.

This is a fundamental of our global studio model as we espouse that we do not operate in singularity and the richness of our work is deliberately varied, contextual, and empathetic. If we are to behave as the Practice of the Future, we need to remove some of the deeply engrained biases (often, we are not even aware that they exist) and shift radically towards inclusiveness. 

The stories captured below demonstrate a wide range of influence of the women in our practice and demonstrate the value of diversity.

Let us all take a moment on this day to reassess how we can better understand each other, our important differences and unleash our potential.


Nik Karalis, CEO​

Showcased Stories