08 Sep 22

Woods Bagot listed in Fortune China Best Designs

Fortune China Best Designs

Out of hundreds of entries, Woods Bagot’s Yanlord Cangjie, Suzhou has made its way to the Top 50 Best of Design by Fortune China. 2022 Fortune China Best Design List aims to recognise outstanding design that starts with real human needs, focuses on solving a complex problem, and has a commercial future or a lasting impact in the social field. 


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Fortune China Best Designs

Woods Bagot’s Suzhou Cangjie Retail Village.

Fortune China Best Designs
Fortune China Best Designs banner

Suzhou Cangjie Retail Village 


“The renewal development has reimagined how a retail destination can be built into the historic context of the neighbourhood and being exclusive to Suzhou. The essence of Suzhou has been translated with a modern design approach, making it a place to captivate the younger generations. The gently pitched roofs carry on the culture heritage of antient Suzhou, while the weaving and texture of the traditional silk are reinterpreted as textured surfaces creating a flexible facade module that maintains a relationship with the past.”  

– Jury Citation

“Good design not only delights our eyes, but also seeks innovative solutions to the various complex problems we face today.”

Fortune China Best Designs
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