What is life like as a graduate at Woods Bagot?

As part of an ongoing Q&A series, we’re introducing you to our most recent intake of Graduates and their unique experiences in the Woods Bagot global studio. Read about their experiences below.

Robbie Bernard

Q: You’re starting your WB Graduate journey learning about design (as your first ‘Gateway’). Which skills are you excited to develop?

A: For me, the Design Gateway is a particularly exciting component of the graduate program. I’m hoping to build my skills at the early stages of design: testing massing options, experimenting with programmatic arrangements, and fleshing out conceptual narratives. I’m also curious to work with the experts at Woods Bagot to use the many technical tools at hand (parametric modelling and environmental analysis, for instance) in order to develop sustainable, practical and innovative designs. Most of all, I’m looking forward to working with and learning from people with different interests and areas of expertise to my own.

Q: What was your first day in the Melbourne studio like? Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to work with?

Caitlin Wallace

A: My first day was exciting! There was a lot of information to process, however the general vibe I took away from the day was that this is a place that nurtures learning and professional growth. The team I was allocated were all welcoming and have since all been helpful answering all my questions and showing me the ropes.

From the presentation I found that there is such an expansive range of projects throughout the Sectors. What I found most intriguing about the Global Structure was the Streams. The Global Impact Group drew my attention as an area I would like to learn more about. As Hazel Porter is the Melbourne Studio Rep for this group, I am excited to meet and work with her in the future, along with other members of this initiative.

Dana Kittel

Q: Tell us a little about the process you went through to join the WB graduate program?

A: When I read through the description about the Woods Bagot graduate program, I knew I had to be a part of it. After sending my application, I got a call from Domonique Scotta who was very friendly and explained the details and expereinces I’d gain through the program. I was so pleased when she asked me to come in for an interview with David Lee and Ama Adikari. Meeting them was great – I talked them through my portfolio and I was quite nervous, but they were both so kind and approachable it felt like I was catching up with a tutor from uni. The process went super quick, it took a few days for me to find out that I was accepted, and I had a long month of being eager to start. After spending a week here I am very grateful to be in a company that has great people and is a fun and welcoming environment. I am excited and looking forward to the experiences that the graduate program will bring me.

Nicole Zee

Q: What’s your first week been like in the Sydney studio for you and the other grads – what have you guys been up to? Have you met the grads from other studios yet?

A: We kicked started our first day at WB with coffees with our buddies where we learnt more about one another, followed by a welcome lunch with Ian, Tracey and the rest of the students in the Sydney studio on Tuesday. We’ve all been assigned to a project, so we are already getting busy with helping our team! There were also various presentations by different departments of the company – the amount of information could be overwhelming, but I am sure we all feel reassured that there is so much support and resources available to us.

We’ve briefly met the other grads over video calls but my fingers are crossed hoping that we can all meet in person by the end of the year! It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to exchange our experiences in each studio!

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