Former 100-Year-Old Wool Factory in Melbourne Will Convert Into a Community-Focused Commercial Site

Over the course of the next five years, the Melbourne studio will refurbish a historical wool factory warehouse factory originally built in 1906. Integrating a mix of education, arts, food, production, co-warehousing and co-working space, the precinct in Kensington—which spans over two inner-city blocks in the southeastern suburb of Melbourne—will be transformed into a creative, industrial village with careful consideration and respect for its unique attributes. 

The site includes a diverse collection of 19th-century industrial brick buildings linked by bluestone laneway. This diversity is a rich condition that demands a 'touch lightly' approach whereby the design aims to respect the past while also innovating for the future. The unique vision of Impact Investment Group, the client, values creating developments with a profound social and environmental impact which will entail external and interior upgrades, new infrastructure, complementary landscaping and sustainable functions.



Impact Investment Group


Melbourne, Australia


59,000 sq m


Design Process

Completion Date


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