Of the time

Mixed use epicenter for the Longgang District creates a pre-eminent hub for social, community and economic activity.

Vanke Timemark Shenzhen



This multi-layered complex includes a sequence of diverse public spaces linked together via a network of landscaped paths and engaging circulation routes. A sunken plaza forms the social epicenter of Timemark. The event space is surrounded by terraced decking and F&B and has access to underground retail and public transport. Rising in juxtaposition to this vibrant valley are five office and residential towers set atop a retail podium.

Project details

Landscape design forms a key component in the experience of Timemark, with water sculpture parks and green spaces offering community gathering points and providing texture and colour to the built form. Sustainability features include an integrated water reuse strategy where roof-top run-off is collected and channelled into atrium spaces, from where it is reused.

Shenzhen, China
Vanke Group, China
240,000 sqm
2,583,300 sf