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Spanning an entire suburban block, the masterplan is of a larger regeneration of the downtown area, forming a link between its local community and the Georges River waterfront.

The Paper Mill

The Paper Mill is a series of high-rise residences, ground floor laneway apartments and townhouses, within a verdant and amenity-rich setting. Landscaped gardens and pedestrian pathways weave through the permeable grounds, connecting to new retail and dining spaces.


Project details

At the heart of the development is the adaptive re-use of the Paper Mill building itself—one of the only surviving early-20th-century industrial buildings in Liverpool. Restored externally, the building has been renewed internally to provide retail and formal dining space alongside farmer’s markets, cafés, pop-up shops and public workshops for the public to enjoy.

The three residential structures— The Paper Mill, The Bindery and The Gild—mediate the typical riverside typology and the future high-density scale of the area, with low podiums inhabiting the transitional scale. Constructed predominantly of brick and weathered steel, the buildings all share a language of materials inspired by the site’s historical context. Stone and metal panels vary in colour and pattern to lend each address a unique identity.



Sydney, Australia
56,000 sqm
ASPECT Studios (Landscape)
DS17 (Retail)
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