Telkom Landmark Tower

Indonesia's Largest Telecommunications Company Makes its Mark in Jakarta's Business District

This new headquarters complex for Indonesia’s largest telecommunications services company will establish a powerful presence in Jakarta’s central business district and provide an advanced work environment for this forward-looking industry leader. The new landmark tower will consolidate Telkom’s staff, provide premier staff amenities, and signal the company’s continued prominence within Indonesia’s telecommunications industry.

Situated on one of Jakarta’s main downtown thoroughfares, the 115,500 m2 complex comprises a protected existing building that will be updated and integrated with two new towers. 

Wood Bagot’s design creates a cohesive and interconnected campus centered around the main 219-meter-tall office tower. A multi-story podium will link the three buildings and provide the complex with a wide array of amenities including food and beverage, auditorium, retail space, a fitness center, and a mosque. Additionally, the podium will establish conditioned public connections across the complex and provide elevated outdoor shaded space. 

The design harmonizes the multiple building configurations by clearly distributing program across the site and by applying facade strategies that both unify the overall aesthetic and mitigate solar heat gain. Informed by the cultural and historical context, the proposed facade design combines two building skins – a contemporary dichroic glass coupled with an ornate metal screen inspired by the batik patterns found in traditional Indonesian textiles.

These performative sun-shading facades will reduce heat gain by 30%, filtering sunlight and casting intricate shadows throughout the main public spaces.



Telkom Group


Jakarta, Indonesia


115,500 sq m



Completion Date



Bronze medal in the 9th edition of the annual MIPIM Asia Awards in Hong Kong

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