Tower Fusion

A unifying integration to a new master plan, these towers sit at the intersection of attracting top tenants and acknowledgment the deep natural history of the Hubei province.

T3 T4 Office Towers

Situated at the northwest corner of the Core CBD master plan, Towers 3 and 4 were proposed as a prominent marker this district as people approach from the north and the east. Three conceptual frameworks form the urban design of the master plan: streets, courtyards, and podiums, densely woven together to create a lively and interesting urban district of various scales and intensities. Two dominant axes organize and connect the master plan to the larger urban context of Wuhan and create a central gathering plaza at their intersection.

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Project details

The design of the towers derives from the juxtaposition of rational, efficient office floor plates and a sculptural insertion that performs similarly to the distinctive geological formations of Wuhan and the Hubei Province. The two towers utilise similar design strategies of organization and geometry, though they are custom tailored to the particular contextual and programmatic requirements of each tower. The tower
designs start as a rational stack of inhabited floors sheathed in an elegant pinstripe of vertical stone bands that accentuate the verticality of each tower.

Wuhan, China
166,000 sqm
Tower 3 301 m
Tower 4 145 m

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District Masterplan