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This Melbourne Apartment Complex Provides a Communal Space by Cutting Into its Mass

Sunday Coventry Apartments

To avoid recreating another conventional apartment complex in Melbourne’s Southbank neighborhood, the design team considered what people look for when purchasing their first home. They arrived at a sense of community and came up with a 10-meter-wide internal atrium that would cut into the rectangular mass that formed an “H” with a linking bridge to each internal façade. The treatments for said façades have a distinctive look, flanked by colored glass, while the outside is made of concrete and metal louvres that provide shade for outdoor porches for some of the total 237 apartments.

Project details

To further optimize potential engagements among tenants, an outdoor pool, spa and entertaining area was integrated into the courtyard at the ground level. Tenants enjoy a built-in storage unit, which houses areas for washing, cooking, and storage, allowing for ample space within the units.

Melbourne, Australia
Flagship Property Holdings Pty. Ltd.
25,000 square meters

Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), 2014 (Winner, Multi Residential)

Dulux Colour Awards, 2014 (Commendation, Multi Residential Interior)