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Creating a future of progressive optimism:  In the heart of Bratislava there is a convergence of education, science and technology emerging in a creative heart with character and identity. Ruzinov Place has the potential to be a true innovator at heart, with smarter living at heart and a true multi-generational community at heart.

Project Ruzinov

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Four distinct districts come together in an incredible location between Bratislava’s historic centre and the airport. Today, Ruzinov is prosperous and our team has been amazed at the Bratislava’s diverse and relentless innovation.

We are creating a place that unites a community under a shared sense of belonging and prosperity and wanted to showcase the city’s ambition (107 of the fastest-growing start-ups in the world call Bratislava home),  intelligence (18% of Bratislava working-age population in “brain businesses”), dynamism (it has the #5 highest GDP per capita in the EU or 188% of EU avg), and diversity (30% of Bratislava’s population will be 65+ by 2050 10+% of Bratislava’s population are University students).

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Project details

“Bratislava now doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody. The city has a fluid identity that we can shape.” – Matúš  Vallo, Mayor of Bratislava

Project Ruzinov creates a synergy between the natural and urban realms by sculpting the buildings and spaces in unison, encouraging movement through porosity, active edges and views. With a sense of arrival through the perimeter planted border, one is led to three active squares around a new House of Culture and the residential gardens’ lush, landscaped podium.

The nearby Carpathian mountains and high water table provide superb views and unique natural water features for open, purposeful and activated spaces. In a joyful synergy between urban forms and the natural environment, Project Ruzinov is an outward looking place with an inward-looking heart.

Bratislava, Slovakia

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