In Bloom

These two towers redefine quality in Changsha

Poly Changsha West Coast Tower

Mixed UseIn Progress


Standing 250 and 200 metres tall respectively, the towers will sit beside the Xiang River in Changsha’s Binjiang New Town area, creating an iconic addition to the city’s skyline. As inspiration for the building’s distinctive crowns, designers drew on the graceful form of the lotus flower as it rises out of the water, moving from bud to blossom.

Project details

The two towers will be shaped like lotus buds at the base, with square facades. As they rise, they slowly open up to ‘flower’ and finally ‘bloom’ in full at the crown – with the four-sided façade representing four lotus petals.

Each floorplate was painstakingly planned to best facilitate the lotus effect, applying precise geometry in order to create subtle shifts in the form in different zones as the buildings rise from the ground.

At night, lighting integrated into vertical fins on the façade will give the towers a vibrant appeal. These ‘twin stars’ on Changsha’s horizon will stand out even more thanks to illuminated viewing platforms at the crown of each building.

The vertical, metal fins will serve another purpose: to optimise natural ventilation, bringing wind in through perforations or louvers. Along with integrated sun shading and the shape of the building, which is designed to minimise the impact of wind load, the fins will help maximise the energy efficiency of the two towers.

Changsha, China
Poly Developments and Holdings Group
167,000 sqm
1,797,570 sf
Expected Completion