House of Shell

Shell House is a journey upward through four innovations on Australian hospitality– each mixing sophistication, spontaneity, and theatricality into new genres of inner-city escapism. 

Menzies Bar

Black and white striped marble flooring draws on the mosaic influence of the pubs of the past with a contemporary take on colour and pattern. With subtle warmth of mellowed incandescent lighting and generous curves, the central bar—crafted in blackened steel— is a sculptural centrepiece.

Project details

The design of Shell House has been driven by an eclectic mix of multifaceted organic tones and textures. Bespoke furniture, vintage pieces and natural materials in neutral colours are used throughout to allude to an all-new perspective on fun inner-city dining.

The entire venue is a canvas for artist-in-residence Mikey Freedom, whose work merges the frivolity and indulgence of past with present. More than a backdrop, Freedom’s vivid, curated art is installed on the walls, ceilings and in furniture – there’s hieroglyphic walls, mosaic tiled tables, murals, canvases and sculptures.

Paying homage to the legendary Menzies Hotel, The Menzies Bar is a true labour of love, where obsession with history, hospitality and good times are woven together to deliver a bar legitimately unique to the Sydney CBD. Wrapping the bustling corner of Carrington and Margaret Street, the European inspired bar and bistro showcases a menu of snacks, smaller and larger plates, along with a show stopping cocktail selection and a thumping wine list, available all day and late into the night.

Sydney, Australia
The Point Group
464 sqm
4,995 sf
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