Downstairs Kitchen

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Mason & Main

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Mason & Main creates an address that will embody the essence of Merrylands. Drawing on the area’s rich built environment heritage, from the use of bricks inspired by the nearby brickworks and aqueduct, to the traditional arched windows and activated streetscapes alive with al fresco dining and traditional shopfronts.

Research into future trends of living and working has led to the design of a flexible apartment with a multi-purpose room which can easily shift from a bedroom to a workspace, a creative space, or any space you need. With built-in joinery that can adapt to user’s changing lifestyle, this is a separate zone away from the rest of the home where one can find focus and privacy. The philosophy behind this room runs through every part of the residences: intelligent, purposeful, and designed to last for years to come.

Project details

The interior design focusses thoughtful approach to planning, the spaces will grow and evolve with the residents.

The authentic approach has led to a design which feels part of the neighbourhood and perfectly at home. The extensive use of bricks creates a building with a rare strength of character and a timeless quality which will stand with pride for generations to come.

Sydney, Australia
Expected Completion
70,402 sqm