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Melbourne School Campus Embraces Future-Focused Learning

Margaret McRae Centre

Transforming the site into a dynamic offering for students and staff, the design sees a move away from traditional classroom planning framework where desks are lined in rows, and a teacher educates from the front to a model that prioritizes natural light, flexible furniture, and technology-enabled teaching and learning.

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Project details

The new building has elevated the campus with architecture and integrated interiors facilitating learning in a digital age, with a variety of spaces for task-based, student-centred flexible learning.

With a clear focus on personalized learning, the school’s approach exemplifies the shift towards collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking are all essential components.

Architecturally, both structure and materiality portray a softness. A complex sculptural form, there are two wings to the building. The floorplate’s circulation has been designed to be fluid and is highlighted by curtain walls that bring the flow of the breakout space of the main courtyard and link to a tennis court on the east side of the building.

Melbourne, Australia
Ruyton Girls School
3,000 square meters
December 2015

Talk to Sarah Ball about Education and Science