New Heights

Adelaide’s Next-Tallest Residential Tower

Kodo Apartments

This 30-story building is slated to be the tallest residential tower in Adelaide. While its heights are expected to make an impression are on the local community, its typology still maintains the ability to enjoy inner city living while having the privacy enjoyed outside of business districts.

Project details

Adjacent from the Gregorian-era Victoria Square and Adelaide Central Market, the Angas Street apartment complex will be comprised of 204 apartments that hold either one, two, or three bedrooms with outdoor terraces flanked with partitions. The lower levels will include a private parking garage for residents while the ground floor will be dedicated to commercial use on both Angas and Street and the new Urban Plaza—the subsequent portion the entire masterplan project the tower is a part of that will make the immediate area more accessible and pedestrian friendly.

Due to its record-breaking heights, the tower takes advantage of the nearby sights which include views of the Adelaide hills, the beach, and the low-slung city skyline. All of these areas can be seen from a panoramic standpoint from the private rooftop garden that will include a landscaping scheme inspired by the nearby gardens in Victoria Square.

The building is the first phase of a larger masterplan which aims to open up the connectivity and permeability of the immediate area and is expected to be completed by January 2019.

Adelaide, Australia
Flagship Property Holdings
30,000 square meters