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Internet Innovation Center

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The building is located at the heart of Beijing’s Z Park masterplan, a new platform for the emerging tech industry in North China. The 63,000 square metre office building is designed as one continuous floor-plate, sub-divisible to accommodate maximum tenant flexibility and efficiency as a hi-tech workplace of the future.

Project details

Its formal expression characterised though a crystalline subdivision curated to reflect its natural surroundings. The orientation of each shard aligning toward desired views. The major lateral shift in plan at the centre of the eastern main elevation marks the entrance to the facility, designed so the entry is legible from lateral views along the main road on approach.

Its undulating nature in plan is determined by a set of criteria, providing continuous 24 metre floor plate depth while following its site boundary to maximize area, meanwhile forming a central courtyard towards the western central park of the masterplan.

The projects conceptual narrative of data exchange becomes an interfaced motif within the multifaceted form and façade, a physical manifestation of linear digital data flow, through a sequential banding of external louvers, which further double as selective sun shading devices.

Its roof lines undulation character responding to strategic plant locations, concealing those with extended parapets where necessary. The built form further terraces towards the western landscape, its roofs in future to be populated with garden spaces as an extension of the adjacent parkland.

Beijing, China
Zhongguancun Software Park
20,000 sqm