Landscape is the cornerstone

Creating a unique place of innovation and research that reconnects the health precinct to its landscape, bringing renewed life and vibrancy, through social interaction and cultural reverence producing the next generation of health and science innovators and industry leaders.

Health Precinct

Conceptually this project has unfolded as a tracing of the ‘landscape and health’ narrative. Beginning with a series of simple sketches the team became increasingly interested in exploring the tension created as the natural landscape pushed into and through the site.

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Project details

At the heart of the success of the current Sydney University grounds is undoubtedly the connectivity and accessibility of the ever unfolding campus green. At varying scales and in different locations, the collection of natural green spaces of the greater campus serves as a unifying element. Weaving a diverse group of people, spaces, activities, ideas and cultures together into a complex green tapestry; in its most simple form nature is understandable to all. The mediating quality of the natural landscape provided the perfect mechanism for a site which requires a series of complex social and architectural relationships to be brought together into a fluid multifaceted precinct hub.


University of Sydney

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