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Hazens Longgang Longteng District Regeneration

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Rated by Shenzhen Government as one of Shenzhen’s “Most Important Projects in 2016,” and central to the rejuvenation of a river park area running through the site, this project was developed following principles of community, sustainability, infrastructural connectivity, retail experience, and modern lifestyle, applied to the local characteristics of Shenzhen.

Project details

The project site is located in Longang District, Shenzhen. The site area is approximately 393,000 square metres, comprising office space, retail and shopping mall, residential communities and public space.

The natural characteristics of the project site were the key aspects in defining the design approach and identifying strategy. The visual, natural and infrastructural value was presented by having a river winding through the site, providing opportunities for creating a new retail destination seamlessly connected to a large residential neighbourhood. Two shores defined two characters. While the north one, connected to subway and facing the main crossroad, became the commercial focal point and leisure destination of the project, the south one became a community of residential towers integrated by retail podiums and green spaces.

The Longgang Longteng mixed-use will become a new identity in Shenzhen’s panorama, a contemporary style of living, integrating retail, entertainment, leisure, nature and everyday life into one new mixed use environment.

Shenzhen, China
Hazens Group
101 hectares
Design Development
  • 2021 Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design – Award for Urban Design – Plan / Concept