Well Connected

The Crest is vibrant, community centred mixed use development that focused on community connection and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Crest Apartments

The Crest is a 22-story apartment building located in Burswood. In response to the unique wedge shaped site, its distinctive built form draws inspiration from the iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan. Taking advantage of the site’s high visibility opportunities, the Crest’s flair and cosmopolitan architectural design invite viewing from all angles in the surrounding context. To this point, there is no ‘front of the building’ and every approach has been considered in the experience being delivered.

Project details

One main feature to the building is the underlying integration of artwork by local artists incorporated in form and colour. The gold cladding prominently displayed on the river-side of the building is an abstraction of Perth’s stunning Swan River; taking cues from the flowing water and the shimmering reflection of the sun hitting the surface, further contrasted by the clarity and whiteness of the terraces, taking cues from the Crown Metropol. Reinforcing the form of the river are the terraces flowing around the building, reminiscent of the undulating forms cutting through the landscape. Like the rock formations crashed up against the coast, the building stands idly as the free flowing water carves away to create a fluid formation making the building an attractive counter-point to other rectilinear buildings surrounding it.

Sitting atop the building crown is a communal herb garden and outdoor cinema area while the roof of the podium provides wellness amenities with a pool, games and BBQ area. The entrances and exits are within easy access of public transport, encouraging residents to take advantage of various modes of transport and as a key contributor to the surrounding TOD precinct.

Perth, Australia
Norup + Wilson
18,850 sqm
202,900 sf
  • 2020 AIA Awards; Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing