Design stimulates a collaborative and contemporary space for groundbreaking hospitality business education.

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

The School of Hotel Administration addresses the future of learning by supporting a broad range of multi-modal education and collaboration settings. A renovation of the previous library, the project is an inviting, innovative, and flexible student learning space.

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Project details

The program is organized around an information commons that provides space for informal study, multimedia research, consulting, collaboration, gathering of student clubs, and socializing. Innovative furniture systems and technology respond to the latest trends in student study habits and social interaction.To foster a broad exchange of knowledge beyond disciplinary boundaries and regional borders, active and passive media walls link the spaces to each other, to spaces around the campus, and to institutions and businesses around the world.With its casual vibe and state-of-the-art technology, many students view the Learning Center as their second home.

Ithaca, New York
Cornell University
4,000 sqm
14,000 sf

Talk to Matthew Stephenson about Education and Science