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Wuhan CITIC Office Tower is part of a Masterplan for the new Hankou International Business District. Consisting of six plots, the proposal is a response to a rapidly growing Wuhan that is quickly transforming into a full-fledged International city. This vision for this new precinct will provide innovative commercial amenities and a sustainable green upgrade to the city’s current urban condition.

The design of the CITIC Office Tower seeks inspiration from its unique location in the city of Wuhan along the Yangtze River and integrates itself into the urban framework.   Acting as a gateway from water to land, the building’s form addresses the river views and frames an entry into the new International Business District.

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Project details

Equally important is the public realm at the base of the building which is activated by retail program and where the design unites two green spaces into one contiguous central gathering place. Carefully curated elevated platforms create 3-Dimensional public circulation routes connecting all the adjacent plots and the larger scale central green social space of the Masterplan.

The workplace strategy of the CITIC Tower establishes best practice, forward-thinking, and future-proof workplace, to provide a high degree of tenant flexibility and service to attract high-quality, top-tier companies. Together the iconic form, high quality of office space and integrated landscape provide a welcoming and vibrant public destination and a new landmark in CBD.

Wuhan, China
70,800 sqm
762,084 sf
Expected Completion

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