Mega Tall Mixed Use

Designed From the Inside-Out, New Skyscraper Energizes Its District With Uncommon Connections

Chongqing Tower

Mixed UseIn Progress


Reaching over 430 meters in height, this new tower will redefine its city’s skyline as its tallest structure. It will act as the cornerstone of a mixed-use development comprised of retail, commercial offices, exclusive residential apartments and—at the pinnacle—a five-star luxury hotel. Spanning an entire city block in the heart of Yuzhong District, the masterplan balances requirements for elevating a densified area, as well as incorporating a retail experience and multiple arrival points in one destination that will invigorate the surrounding street life.

Project details

The project unites the new tower with an existing 39-story building—which will be modernized and repositioned to house 250 luxury serviced apartments. A shared retail podium integrated across the two sites will create an integrated shopping experience within a central atrium that also acts as the centerpiece and entry foyer to the complex. Its transparent shell provides a clear, visual path and maximizes the value of the upper retail levels.

Designed from the inside out, the tower’s unique exterior tapered massing is a direct reflection of the balanced relationship between the façade, building core, the programmatic requirements—making it an adaptable container for different uses over time. While a reflection of function, the shape also symbolizes the dual landscape of Chongqing: the flowing Yangtze River and the surrounding mountains, with a tapered silhouette that changes when viewed from different vantage points. The design employed several algorithms to rationalize the façade geometry and unify the aesthetic effect. The scheme led to a unified curtain wall system with full-height and high-performance double-glazed windows that maximize daylight and offer unparalleled views. An illuminated crown will operate as a beacon at the tower’s parapet.

To maximize flexibility, the building’s four different uses are organized vertically around a centrally located servicing core—each with its own dedicated lobbies, vehicular drop-off, concierge and elevator service. The office lobby is located at the ground level of the primary southwest corner along MinSheng Road, where lifts connect to the prominent Grade A facilities cross both the low-rise and high-rise levels. Accessed via the northwest face of the tower, the twenty levels of residential begin just above the 12 stories of workplace space. With floor plates that can easily accommodate apartment units of varying sizes, the design exposes each living and service space to expansive views, daylighting and ventilation. The highest floors house a 260-key hotel, with VIP, amenities and the hotel sky lobby at the top to take advantage of panoramic vistas.

On such a small site, car parking and loading access are extremely restricted. The total 1,100 car spaces required for this project allow owners to operate independently across eight fully connected basement levels. Traffic can enter the garages from several levels, including “express” ramps and subway entrance points from the Chongqing City Tunnel, located adjacent to the site.

Chongqing, China
Bloomage Land Ltd.; Chongqing Kingstone Land Co. Ltd.
350,000 square meters
Completion Date

The unique exterior massing is a direct expression of the internal programmatic and functional requirements. That relationship led to a dual silhouette: From one angle it appears as a mountain peak while from others its agile shape suggests the two rivers surrounding the city.